School’s out, blues in.

I can’t remember the last time summer actually meant summer. I’m also sure that’s not an original thought and I should get over it. Mercury is retrograding and I’d yank a bull’s balls if I said I wasn’t feeling that in full force somehow. Absolutely everything has gone wrong. It was one of those domino-effect things. So now I’m starting all over and really trying to do it right this time.

Currently, my landlord is trying to fix my kitchen sink which has resulted in my bath tub not being able to stop pouring water. Has there ever been a landlord who hired a professional first? They’re probably not in my budget if they exist. You really get down in the mud when denied the most basic of things. I probably shouldn’t mention how my water pressure is similar to a hail shower, lest I wish to have a toilet that goes inflated for weeks. I’ll deal.

It’s about that time when a commercialized holiday comes up and everyone says things like “DON’T FORGET THE REASON!” The reason for memorial day? Are you kidding? I love cooking food on grills outside and shopping is an IV drip. I know the damn reason. Don’t patronize me. The next time these shoes will be on sale will be when I don’t want them anymore, and I refuse to pass something like that up.

I had a discussion with some friends about some art the other day, as usual. A buddy ole pal brought up Ed Ruscha and said a bunch of things about how he didn’t like his work, including the infamous “I could’ve done that!” line.

The thing is, all of us could have done anything. The bigger thing is, all of us didn’t. Anything can be art but you need half a brain, a little education and a bit of marketability to make it art.

And that’s something that is very important to remember. Not everyone’s idea was a good one at first. This isn’t inspirational want or anything, I’m trying to tell you to shit on a canvas and sell it to people once you’ve figured out what makes it art.

What’s Inspiring Me Today:

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.32.04 AM Google Image pages. Type in an artist and it’s just a mini internet gallery. Now that’s a billion dollar idea. So, sometimes when I’m feeling stressed, I’ll “google” something pretty and breathe a bit and take in the sights. Then I’ll look in the mirror for the rest of the bit and I’m back at 100%. What a world, huh.


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