My mother recently found out that I, her daughter, am pretty vain.

The first thing I apparently said when I was in the room with her and my surgeon was “Am I still pretty?” which I think is an extremely valid thing to ask.

The right side of my face is still swollen but now it’s kind of cute and I can handle it. It’s almost endearing is what I’m deciding and forcing anyone else to think if for some strange reason my face stays like this. This is highly unlikely but I am always preparing for the worst.

Not being able to eat has made me want to eat anything I have to chew to digest. Like any sane person, I’ve been watching chef documentaries and dreaming of opening my own pop-up food stand. Or whatever. The more likely version of that story is me diving into a weird and primarily sex-enfueled relationship with a chef where I use him for dinner. I love food more than I could ever love any person. Besides my mother, who thought I should probably take it easy another day and not come to cultural fest they’re having downtown with her where she’s now sending me pictures of her having a great time. That’s fine, I hate fun anyway.

I’m imagining myself swimming in a sea of creamy tomato and spinach sauce, where cheese tortellinis the size of submarines float by me. As the food mermaid I am, I hurry towards a rather plump one and take a bite. It barely leaves a mark in the large delicious..thing. I make a bed on it and fall fast asleep. And that’s kind of a sick thing to imagine, but that’s what I want.

And I can’t wait to try this great recipe I found in my darkest hour at Cooking Classy





What’s Inspiring Me Today:

Announcement from Janet Jackson on Vimeo.

Its Janet Jackson’s birthday, and today she announced that she’s coming out with new music and a tour. That’s rad as shit because of the industry’s constant attempt at erasing ha impact on current pop music.


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