You learn a lot after you go through a wisdom tooth extraction.

Things like: building up a tolerance to pain medication is very real, your mom is still the only woman you could ever sell a lung for, and not only is American Idol still on but that the winner is from the same place the first boy who ever broke your heart is from.

I didn’t have to go to India for an eye-opening experience.

Two days spent on the couch thinking about what I’m going to do now that I’ve almost graduated college. Naturally, I’ll do what any forward moving renaissance city-girl would do. I’m going to blog about it.

Two incidents reminding me of my very short fling with an Icelandic ballroom dancer. One incident asking about group sex, the other was simply watching that new show “Younger” starring Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster when that Swedish author comes into play. He looks and talks exactly like the Icelandic ballroom dancer. I’m not insinuating that all Nordic people look and talk alike but this didn’t prove me wrong.
Regardless, it was a short fling because he was an Aries and I’m a Scorpio and do I even have to go on? There was a point where I thought the sex was just really good but now I’m having best I ever had not-blackout sex with someone I don’t hate (weird). The white line highway also came a little into play on his part and it wasn’t a good look on him.  Not to mention he started hooking up with his 60-year-old millionaire student who was blonde. He’s back in Iceland because he’s just a bad boy who couldn’t play by the rules. Last time he came to visit the grand USA he didn’t even come visit me even though he said he would. I hear from our one mutual friend I didn’t miss anything and “he’s just an asshole now,” but because I am petty, I deleted him on Facebook. We still Snapchat. Usually when my not-boyfriend doesn’t text me back. I have needs.

What’s Inspiring Me Today:

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.08.11 PM

This photograph of the Paris Hilton by Torbjørn Rødland described as “strongly beautiful and human.”

Being displayed at Frieze art Fair that I planned on attending. Alas, I’m so vain as to not want to be seen in large community because yes, everyone is looking at me, and the one day my swelling might be down, I have a baby shower to go to.
I know, I know, the baby isn’t even born. But I missed this girl’s wedding due to a massive hangover and I need all the good imaginary karma I can get these days.


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